Universal slide out stacking kit

Discover the clever space-saving laundry system that can help minimise noise and vibration. It's a great way of securing a dryer to the top of a washing machine to prevent it from falling. The added convenience of a handy slide out shelf holds your basket, while you load or unload your laundry.

Anti-Flood Inlet Hose

Achieve peace of mind with Unilux's Anti-Flood Inlet Hose technology. Ready to safeguard your home with the anti-flood inlet, which stops water bursts or leaks instantly at the tap. It can be placed on any front load or top load washing machine or dishwasher that doesn't already come with an anti-flood device. Safeguard your home today.

Dryer Venting Kit

Enjoy cleaner and fresher air in your laundry with the Unilux Dryer Venting Kit with rear deflector. Ducting outside the laundry gives peace of mind, as you can keep your doors and windows closed while using your dryer. Compatible with any dryer appliance with a standard 100mm air outlet; and available in two ducting options.